What Time Does Safeway Pharmacy Open?

The same with most of other pharmacies in the country, the Safeway Pharmacy Hours are included as one of those that follow the simple frame of the operational times. Thus on weekdays which are from Mondays to Friday, most of the branches of this pharmacy will open from 9 am in the morning to 9 pm in the afternoon. As for the weekend which is Saturday, they will still be open at the same time, which is 9 am but close a little bit earlier than usual which is at 7 pm.

Still the same with many other stores, the hour of operations of the Safeway Pharmacy for the last day of the week which is Sunday will be reduced by several hours from the usual time. On Sundays, the pharmacy will be open at 10 pm at night and 4 pm in the afternoon. With this hour for the weekend, the consumers of the pharmacy will still have enough time to buy their medications.