How to clean stainless steel watches and leather watches

Do you have a watch or clock with steel skin? Whichever type of jkam your hands, in this article we will give you tips for cleaning your watch properly discount watches. You can also visit our website to get a discount watches.

– Be careful using water and cleaning products when cleaning the dab your watches with a slightly damp microfiber cloth to clean water. Do not let any liquid get into the machine wristwatches.

– If possible, remove the chains of stainless steel watches you. The stainless steel chain dip into a solution of liquid dish soap mixed with warm water. Brush lightly wearing an old toothbrush if the chain really dirty. Rinse with clean water and dry using a soft towel.

– Leather strap watches that can be removed can be brushed wear a mixture of warm water and a little white vinegar. Remember, this fluid test on a small area first.

– Re-assemble your watch!