Bringing it into the hearts, minds, and souls of the people who need it most

According to WHO, at least 350 million people worldwide are depressed and more than 800 thousand people died of suicide due to depression. There are still many people with depression who do not recognise their condition, so never addressed or at least discussed. Depression is more common in women than in men. Depression can be divided into several types, such as persistent depressive disorders, perinatal depression, bipolar disorder, major depression, seasonal affective disorder, psychotic depression. People with depressive disorders is almost always felt sad, empty feeling, and desperate for at least two weeks. This type of depression is a disease that can seriously affect the health and well-being. If you notice symptoms such as difficulty eating, hard work and even harder to sleep and connect with other people, then you need healing in a different way, namely with the method given by Ayahuasca.

Healing carried out by the Ayahuasca related depression sufferers is to do yoga and meditation in a day which is how it is seen as one of the largest drug ever Dating in the United States to help you to heal yourself and expand the range of refreshment of mind in the community who experience symptoms depression. If you feel in your mind, somewhere in your mind and feel that in you there is something you want to be healed then Ayahuasca will help you heal you with the method church soothing, take you on nature to understand that your life is still long and has a lot of beauty.

Without proper handling and treatment, depression can disrupt relationships with those around you. For extreme depression or severe, depression can result in a loss of passion for life and a desire to commit suicide. When it perceives some symptoms of depression most of the day and every day for two weeks, see your doctor so the recovery process can begin and finish. None of the specific causes of depression. Depression triggered by a combination of several factors, including genetic, biological, environmental and psychological factors. If in your family health history there are people who suffer from depression, there is a tendency for you to experience it too.