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I don’t usually review sites that sell e hookah pens or electronic vaporizers in general. One of the more recent shops that I have been to is who offers free shipping in the United States. That is a big deal for me being that most stores don’t offer free shipping and the cost of shipping could really add up. If you’re not located in New York, they also will not charge you tax which is great. On top of their free shipping, you receive tracking information usually the same day and you get your package within a week. I’m not sure if they ship internationally, but you can check on that.

DryHerbVape offers a variety of e hookah / e shisha pens and electronic vaporizer devices. Of the e hookah pen selection, they offer a very affordable 5 pack of e hookah pens, when you divide it up, it’s about $4.00 per pen which is super cheap. You might think that a $4.00 e hookah pen must be a very low quality product, but each pen holds 800 puffs which is above the standard.

Aside from the affordable store branded hookah pens, there is also the Fantasia e hookah that we all love. All ten flavors are offered, I noticed that some stores only offer 7 flavors or sometimes even 5. I find all 10 flavors enjoyable so I don’t have a problem buying the Fantasia 10 pack which is sold at a discounted rate where you’re paying about $7 per e hookah pen as opposed to the $15 retail price that you will find everywhere else.

If your’e into smoking other stuff like herbs and marijuana, you might also be interested in the dry herb vaporizer selection. I think their store is more targeted towards that product and demographics, which is why the site is named DryHerbVape. There are also oil/wax vaporizers if you are into vaporizing dabs.

atmos raw dry herb vape pen

Unfortunately, they do not offer juices and juice vaporizers, which I’m really bummed out about. However, I do creep on their blog and it does look like they have the intention of going in that direction soon. Looking forward to that! They also offer a lot of coupons too, so the example prices that I gave earlier, you can get those for even cheaper.

Got My Fantasia E Hookah

I ordered my Fantasia e hookah pens from and I received my e hookah pens in the mail today and the first thing I noticed was the premium design of these gadgets. Not that I wasn’t expecting it after reading some reviews and seeing some images of it. They look great, but do they work as good as they look? I will go a little deeper into the subject soon enough.

fantasia shisha pen

After using a single pen for a day, because I didn’t want to open up every box of these shisha pens, my pen still had battery and juice left over. The little diamond tip on the end of the pen signals whether or not there is still battery left. The pen is still pulling strong and producing great vapor clouds after a full day of use. For many people, a bottle of e juice or hookah liquid doesn’t even last them a full day of usage. So that is definitely something that sets these vape pens above it’s competition.

In terms of the flavoring, I cannot review all the flavors yet because I haven’t tried them all. However, the one that I did try, which was Purple Haze, tasted great and I really enjoyed it. I don’t normally like grape flavored products. This grape flavored hookah pen sure impressed me quite a bit by making me enjoy a flavor that I wouldn’t usually enjoy. So I am not a bit more confident about the other flavors that are included, though most of them sound very appealing anyway. The Purple Haze flavor seems a bit customized and it’s not your typical grape flavored product. My experience with grape flavored products is that they usually remind me of the taste of medicine, this e shisha pen in no way reminds me of medicine. It actually reminds me of candy and my childhood.

fantasia e hookah portable shisha

There are 9 other flavors out of the 10 pens included. I am excited to try Magic Dragon, Joker, Washington Apple, and Surfer. There are a few other flavors as well which also sound extremely appealing and I doubt I will get to all of them within the week. I will post updates as soon as I can.

My Plans to Quit Cigarettes

So I’ve been thinking about quitting smoking. See, that’s what writing does for me, it gets me really thinking. And also, sometimes when I re-read my own writing, I rethink some of the decisions I’ve made. In this scenario, I’m rethinking about my unappreciative ass not taking all of those opportunities to actually quit smoking.

Upon rethinking my decision and wanting to take a more active approach to quitting cigarettes, I began looking into alternative methods of quitting. I have found quite a few but of course will only go with what I can afford at the moment. My budget is for products under $40 and should last me over a week or two.

I learned that most people say vaping is one of the best methods of quitting and there are many statistics to prove that point. I saw some of the numbers that were given and I do not know whether those claims hold any weight, but according to a lot of people, they were able to successfully quit cigarettes within a short period of time.

fantasia e hookah nicotine free vape

There is a lot to learn about vaping and the different types of mods for these vaporizers. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars on these products and that is something I’m definitely not looking to do. I have also read that liquid nicotine is no good for you by vaporizing it, you are consuming more nicotine than you would out of tobacco. So I’m a little iffy about that but there is so much more research to be done on the subject.

Vaporizers are pretty much electronic cigarettes but they are flavored to appeal to the smoker. It is supposedly a thousand times safer because it reduces the consumption of thousands of carcinogens and of course the carbon monoxide. These pens are smokeless and you blow out are vapors produced from the heating up of natural oils.

ego t vape pens

So I looked into the nicotine-free versions of these products and there are quite a few. Some retailers do not offer them, and some do. However, I’m not sure I want to commit to buying one of these expensive rechargeable pens yet. So I looked into it some more, hoping there’s a cheaper alternative and found that there are what they call e hookah pens. These are disposable vaporizer pens that are also flavored (similarly to hookah), without tobacco or nicotine, and are cheaper because they are disposable.

One of the products that I looked into and saw a lot of good reviews on is the Fantasia electronic hookah pen. They are inexpensive and supposedly each pen holds 800 puffs, which is a lot more than I had expected. I placed my order last night and will be waiting to receive it in the mail. I will write a more in depth review of my own when they come in. Of course, I will use it for a few times before I write a review. Or maybe I’ll just write a review first and change it if anything changes with my experience of the product. I look forward to it and I am actually excited to take a swing at quitting cigarettes.

Time to Quit Smoking?

The weather is getting colder here in New York, but we’d have that randomly warm day, and that randomly really cold day. Everything is off right now in terms of the weather. This doesn’t bother me much since I’m not an outdoors type of guy anyway. Yes, I enjoy being cooped up at home, watching a movie and browsing the internet. Anyway, since I have only recently graduated from college and still in debt from the tuition, I am still living with my parents in the Upper East Side.

Some of you may know how annoying it is to be living with your parents, some may have forgotten, some may remember but would prefer not to remember. Well, I’m living it right now. Although my parents have been very supportive of what ever it is I wanted to do, including the fact that I think that me wanting to come to NYC actually convinced them to move here, they still nag a lot and sometimes I feel like I can no longer stand it.

One of most annoying things that they nag about is me smoking cigarettes. Yes, I smoke cigarettes. However, I’m still young and still have time before I really have to quit. I mean, at least that’s what they say. I have been smoking for about 5 years and started during freshman year of college. I was stressed out, I was hanging out with new friends, we went to bars all the time, I started smoking. Prior to smoking cigarettes, I had smoked marijuana several times as well throughout high school.

So my parents bought me electronic cigarettes, nicorette, and the Hugby transdermal patch. All of these products are supposed to feed nicotine into my body and keep me from smoking. The patches definitely do not work, the nicotine gum is a sham as well. The e cig actually kind of worked, but I still miss the real thing from time to time after I started using it. Eventually, I got back on the tobacco anyway.

nicorette nicotine gum

Does that mean I’m not giving it any effort at all in trying to quit? No, I do want to quit and it is a known fact that smoking cigarettes, aside from being way too expensive, is bad for you. There is no good that comes out of smoking tobacco. I guess I just feel like the constant nagging about it is a constant reminder of it. I’d like to keep my mind off of it if I were to try to quit.

Living in NYC, it’s hard to quit smoking in this hustle and bustle city. The city stresses you out, you always have to be somewhere, you always have to be doing something. In addition to that, everywhere you go, somebody is smoking something. So you can’t get away from the smoke and the pollution anyway. There have been times where I’d be on the subway late at night, and I’d see people smoking on the platform. Sometimes I even see people smoking on the subway carts!

smoking on train

Hey Everybody! Welcome to MY NEW and MORE REFINED blog!

Welcome to my website! Some of you might already be familiar with my writing and know all about me. For some of you, this may be new and you might have just stumbled across my site by accident (or on purpose). For anyone who doesn’t know me and is reading this, you should probably head over to the About Me page so you can get a more proper introduction.

Is there any real purpose for this site? For me, yes, there is a lot of purpose here. I will be expressing my thoughts, opinions, and sharing information with my friends and colleagues who are following. So in a sense, this is a personal blog about one person’s personal experiences.

Some of the things that you might find here include tips, facts, and tutorials on such things including video games and baking. I enjoy playing video games including League of Legends, StarCraft 2, and several other MMO’s. I also enjoy baking though I had never had a professional career in any of the culinary arts. I bake at home with my home oven. I have baked some pretty amazing things including some banging weed brownies. I may reveal the secret to how to make those! Of course, hopefully my parents do not find this website!

league of legends wallpaper son

I will keep myself semi-anonymous for security reasons, and one of those reasons is security from my parents and future employers. My name is Marcus and that’s all you probably need to know about my name. I am a writer, not professionally but definitely seeking to be a professional writer. I am actually currently applying for positions as a blogger, editor, and a few more. Of course, this site will not be used as a reference. I may make a few more talking about very specific topics (that are rated G), and use those as references. However, if you do happen to find this blog, and would like to hire me for anything, use my contact form!